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So what if I'm a llama?.. Naw, I wish I was that cool. I'm just your average, wandering, bipedal human. But I have yet to acquire a recent shot of my smiling mug, so for now, have some llamas! You're welcome!

Raised in the growing small town of Kingfisher, Oklahoma and currently settled in Oklahoma City. I'm constantly finding my way around here, there, and everywhere, while giving my finest attempt to encapsulate the phenomenal moments I have been fortunate enough to bare witness to! I hope to inspire wanderlust through this medium and look forward to giving back to the beautiful environments that have hosted me with the help of your investment in my art and work! Over 14 years of experience behind professional grade cameras has helped me enjoy using the fundamentals to provide a clean, timeless look, while also pushing the limits of what can be conveyed by the outcome. Let's make art happen!

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